5 Tips For Business Profiles On Social Media

Making The Most Of Your Business Social Media Profiles

Social media is here, and it’s here to stay—well, as long as modern society persists, anyway. If you’re going to be as visible as possible at the end of the day, there are best practices which need to be explored. Here we’ll briefly go over five of them for your business to help you attain and maintain visibility digitally in a way that fosters optimal, profitable traffic.

1. Use Different Social Media Outlets For Different Purposes

Instagram is an excellent solution for videos and images. Twitter is good for communicating with clientele, as they are limited in what they can say, and you’re limited in how you can respond; altogether this reduces back-and-forth that can be unproductive. Facebook is good for engagement overall, but it can be a time-consuming platform, so be careful.

LinkedIn is key for Business to Business (B2B, as they say) interaction. Also, the professional clientele is more likely to find you through this avenue of approach. If that weren’t enough, “new” social media is picking up momentum.

TikTok, Gab, Parler, Minds—some of these are still around and others are absolutely off—TikTok is changing the social media landscape. Accordingly, set up tentative profiles on these for total visibility to all potential customers.

2. Incorporate Employees Into Social Media Outreach

If you’ve got ten employees with an average of 300 FB contacts per employee, that’s 3,000 potential leads. How many of those leads could be a customer you convert? If it’s 1%, that’s 30 conversions—three times the amount of employees you have.

Depending on the products or services defining your business, that could be a drop in the bucket or a year’s worth of customers.

3. Use Best Practices As Regard Hashtags

Something else you might want to do is explore this guide for photography hashtags. Whether Instagram is your primary social media outlet, or not, hashtags are key traffic directing agents on social media. The better your hashtag use, the more visible your business posts will ultimately be.

4. Be As Swift As You Can Regarding Any Engagement

Anytime existing customers, potential customers, or business partners reach out to your business on social media, you need to be on it. Think of a duck snatching up a bug that wanders by, or that old phrase “Johnny on the spot”. You need to respond as instantaneously as you can. This may well require hiring dedicated social media personnel.

5. Don’t Merely Post About Business – Have Fun, Too

The final tip for best results in terms of social media management for your business involves the “human” element. Nobody really seeks out ad copy unless they’ve already decided some time, somehow, they’re going to buy something. Accordingly, if you’re only posting promotional content designed to stimulate sales, you’ll lose some traffic.

See, when those who aren’t looking to buy something examine your social media profiles, they’ll think something like: “Oh, I don’t need to spend any time here, it’s just ads.” However, if your social media profile includes funny memes, relevant advice that concerns target customers, and other details like this, you’re going to get traffic that has no interest in buying from you; but will share, like, and subscribe to your content.

Should such traffic find they need what you offer in the future, you’ll be the first they think of. Also, what they share will draw in others.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Post about multiple things, not just business. Respond to any engagement as fast as you can. Be sure you utilize best practices in content design and as regards posting hashtags. See what you can do with your staff to foster increased visibility through social media. Finally, assure social media matches your objectives; different outlets have different strengths.

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