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Gee Whizz: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Whizzinator Kit (Now)

If you’re curious about the many reasons why you need a Whizzinator kit now, we are here to help. Learn more about it today! Did you know after a government leak accusing President Donald Trump of enjoying “golden showers” searches for the term went up by 289%?

If you’re one of those curious minds finding it a bit kinky, you might have searched for a way to keep the fun flowing on-demand. There are a lot of whiz-kits out there, but only the Real Whizzinator XXX kit can deliver.

Why is that? Keep reading to find out five reasons why the real Whizzinator is the superior choice.

1. No Side Effects

Because there is nothing you’re taking into your body, there’s no side effect of using the Whizzinator, unlike a lot of other sex enhancement products.

Just because you as a urinator are safe from any side effects, the urinatee does bear some risk if you have a urinary tract infection, yeast infection, HPV, or a bladder infection. Especially if consumption is part of the water sports play.

Because the Real Whizzinator XXX is sterile and uses compounds in real urine, it’s the preferred way to stay safe. Even better is our sterile Real Human Urine! More on that later.

2. It’s Easy (and Fun) to Use

Speaking of using the Whizzinator, from setup to use it’s almost as easy as the real thing!

All you’ll need is about 90mL warm water and a vial of our Gold’n Shower lab-grade sterilized synthetic urine. Pour the whole contents of the vial into the water, and mix thoroughly. Once it’s fully mixed, use the included sterile syringe and fill it completely.

The valve has three settings: on, off, and refill. Turn the valve to the refill position, which points “down”. Flip the Whizzinator over, remove the red cap on the fill port on the Whizzinator XXX or Whizzinator XXX 1. Inject the contents of the syringe into the Whizzinator’s port.

Remove the reservoir bag from the pouch, and stick the temperature indicator on the front of the reservoir. Next, apply the organic heat pad to the opposite side, which is not against your body. Put the reservoir back into the cloth pouch, and you’re ready to wear it!

When you want to start the flow, pinch the Real Whizzinator XXX’s shaft near the tip. Release your grip to the desired amount to control or stop the flow of urine.

3. A Reliable and Sterile Product

Because of the beneficial qualities of sterility and lack of unwanted chemicals, people have been using synthetic urine for years. Following the instructions, you’ll get a perfect mix every time. From the perspective of realism, it’s practically the real thing.

That being said, however, the experience has always been somewhat lacking with the knowledge that it’s been mixed up by hand.

That’s why, because nothing beats the real thing, we also offer Real Human Urine, too.

Made through Massive Dynamic’s proprietary urine cleaning process, we know you’ll love the results. You can have confidence that each 90mL pack of Real Human Urine will give a toxin, germ, and virus free experience you’ll remember.

It’s shipped frozen, packed in a discreet insulated box for guaranteed freshness. Inside you’ll see the reservoir bag with 30 inches of tubing, and an on/off clamp. The end of the tubing has a small red adapter. You can attach the red adapter to the fill port of any Real Whizzinator XXX or XXX 1.

Don’t miss out on the thrill of a real golden shower. Real Human Urine keeps the good times flowing!

4. The Whizzinator Is Easy to Conceal

Looking to start your own channel to share online with others into golden showers? As you know, it can be difficult to get the flow and volume you need at critical times. Other solutions are easy to spot, especially in 4k, but not the Whizzinator.

With six different penis colors, you don’t need to worry about it being onscreen. Match your penis color to the Whizzinator and you’re good to go.

Not only that, but the look and feel are bar-none the best in the industry. It will bounce in a lifelike way for the best effect. Discreetly remove the device off-camera when you’re ready to transition.

It’s easily worn under clothing and uses hook and loop fastening to ensure a great fit every time. Next time you want to get your “leak” on away from home, no one will be the wiser what you’re packing under your belt.

Take it with you everywhere you go.

5. Easy to Clean

Cleanup is easy with the Real Whizzinator XXX, especially if you “shower” in a convenient location. Because the stream is lifelike it’s easy to use and won’t go anywhere but where you want it to.

Once you’re done, make sure to use the hygienic Toy Sterile disinfecting spray meant for adult toys. Just by being in contact with your skin or anything else, adult toys like the Real Whizzinator XXX 1 will accumulate germs, viral organisms, and fungi. To combat that, just use a few pumps of the spray for an even coating and allow it to dry.

It’s as simple as that!

The Real Whizzinator Kit Can’t Be Beaten

There’s no need to accept any imitation Whizzinator kit. Use the original, the best, the Real Whizzinator XXX.

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