Semen retention is for those who watch porn or masturbate too often. It's not a taboo. Many famous personalities have done this practice.

Semen Retention Practice: A Guide

Semen retention is for those of us who watch porn or masturbate too often. Semen retention is not a taboo. Many famous personalities have done this practice. Semen retention is basically the avoidance of male ejaculation.

This doesn’t mean that the male can’t have an orgasm. This practice makes it possible to have a full sexual experience with the pleasure of an orgasm but without ejaculation. Semen retention is an ancient practice that is believed to boost the physical and spiritual energy of the male. This practice is known in many different cultures, but sometimes under a different name.

So what you will get from this practice is the ability to withhold your semen while allowing your male energy to build.

Semen Retention practice versus NoFAP or Orgasm Control

The semen retention practice is often mistaken for NoFAP or Orgasm Control. They’re not the same. In NoFAP practice, the goal is to avoid masturbation and porn. Orgasms with ejaculation are allowed in sexual activities with a partner but solo sex is avoided.

Orgasm Control is also referred to as edging, surfing, or peaking. Orgasms with ejaculation are allowed in this practice, but they’re delayed until the very end of the sexual session.

Reasons to consider the Semen Retention Practice

Many males are convinced that after ejaculating their reproductive mission is completed. Which is correct on a basic and biological level. However, if you want to excel in life, you’ll want to do better then just this basic level right? To get to the next level you’ll need the motivation to reach goals and early ejaculation or ejaculating all the time leads to the opposite.
Here are some downside to ejaculating too often or too soon.


When ejaculating you’re brain response with dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a part in how we feel pleasure. Depression is linked to this dopamine response. If you receive a blast of dopamine on a regular basis, you’ll need a higher dose in order to be happy. It’s basically how any addiction works. You get addicted to this dopamine response. Then you will find yourself chasing this “high”. This means that depression is just waiting to happen in this vicious circle.

When watching a lot of porn or masturbating often, you’ll start to hate your body. The thing about porn is, they make it look better then it actually is through photoshop, editing, and makeup. You’ll start to compare yourself and you’ll feel like you’re not good enough. The same goes for the guilt that comes when ejaculating too often. You’ll feel insecure. Both can result in depression.

Lower testosterone

Ejaculating often and thus wasting your semen, will lower your testosterone levels. This is not just an after-effect of ejaculating that’ll go away after a few hours, it could lead to issues for the next weeks, months, or years. So if you’re thinking that the semen retention practice will make you less of a man, it’s actually quite the opposite, ejaculating too often results in lower testosterone levels making you physically less of a man. This practice will increase your testosterone, thus making you more of a man

Social anxiety

Social anxiety comes down to low confidence in certain social situations. Some people think this is a bunch of BS, but much like depression, there is a very real chemical reaction that is a result of the realities we live in today.
Ejaculating too often can bring feelings of guilt, erectile dysfunction, or being poor at making eye contact. As a result, you’re social skills can worsen.

Semen Retention Benefits

There are many benefits to this practice. We’ll explain a few here.


As mentioned, ejaculating often can result in depression. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses nowadays and it’s been closely linked to low testosterone levels. Luckily, there are many ways to boost your mood. This could be medication or supplements, but the semen retention practice is also known to be very helpful.

The semen retention practice states that you should start by covering health basics. Get more sunlight to absorb some natural vitamin D and avoid losing semen for more or less 3 weeks. Do this and you’ll notice a big difference in your well-being.

Boost your testosterone levels

As depression is linked to low testosterone levels and as mentioned this could be caused by ejaculating all the time, let’s explain what semen retention can do to boost up those levels.

There are studies showing that not just the semen retention practice, but also things like NoFAB increase testosterone levels. These increases can be seen as soon as 7 days! This doesn’t mean that your problems will be solved in a week, it’s all about the long run.

The real benefits to your testosterone level will come when you’ll start to notice you have more energy to go to the gym and work on those guns or go after the life of your dreams. Of course, if your goal is to increase testosterone, it’s best to avoid food that kills testosterone.

While you’re doing this, you’ll also restore your dopamine levels helping you with the problem mentioned above, depression.

Sleep quality

The quality of your sleep is closely linked to your testosterone levels. It’s a bit of a vicious circle, as low testosterone levels will result in low sleep quality. Then not sleeping enough will also result in a further decrease of your testosterone levels. All the more reason to take action and do something about it.

A lot of guys with an addiction to porn have a bad sleeping pattern. The semen retention practice will solve that issue.

Be more attractive to women

When you’re no longer wasting your male energy by focussing on ejaculating, your masculine vibe will rise resulting in, as mentioned, higher testosterone levels and more confidence. Ever heard of the “Alpha Vibe”? This behavioral attraction is what you’ll get if you devote yourself to this practice.

Combine this with energy with hitting the gym and you’ll be unstoppable and irresistible


Staying focussed is already hard enough nowadays with all the distractions that life brings. The semen retention practice will help you with your focus and will make this much easier.

This focus can help you with anything you want to achieve. So whatever it is that you want, with this newfound focus, you have your mind completely under control to reach your goals.


The urges to self-pleasuring are some of the strongest according to some studies. The studies show that these urges can even be more powerful than any addiction. When you stop yourself from ejaculation, you will make yourself stronger.

One of the hardest things to achieve is self-control. But if you reach this goal, you can literally do anything. Of course, you could try yoga or meditation or whatever to improve restraint. But the most powerful thing you can do is stop playing with yourself.

Immune System

With this practice you’ll boost your immune system, protecting yourself from illnesses, viruses, and infection. Your masculine energy is your life energy and it can be very powerful when it’s retained and used for good.


As mentioned the semen retention practice leads to more confidence. This means your social confidence will get a boots resulting in better interaction and more masculine energy. You will become more socially dominant.
If you dare to put yourself out there, which shouldn’t be a problem with this newfound confidence, it can lead to plenty of other opportunities.
Not convinced yet? Here are some more benefits:

  • Notable boost in courage
  • Metal clarity & awareness
  • Motivation
  • Groundedness
  • Calmness & a reduction in anxiety
  • Sex drive with harder erections & no erectile dysfunction
  • Increase in muscles
  • Deeper voice
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Sharp memory
  • Strong hair
  • Makes you a risk-taker

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