Florida Man March 3 once again proved to the world that there's no one crazier than Florida Man. Read on to find out what he did today.

Florida Man March 3: Pancakes & Sausages, Donuts and a Flying Alligator

Just another series of Florida Man stories. This time let’s talk about Florida Man March 3. From someone who never wanted to eat his pancake in the middle of the road to a flying alligator coming out of a car. Here are 3 stories to make your day better or worse.

Florida Man March 3, 2017 – Eating Breakfast in the Middle of the Road

Definitely the most important meal of the day, but our Florida Man, Mark Robinsons chose to have his meal in the worst place possible.

Robinsons, 28 years old from Lakewood Ranch was ticketed at around 8 o’clock in the morning when he was caught by the policemen in the middle of the boulevard having his pancakes with sausages and a cup of brewed coffee. After he bought his breakfast from nearby dining, he pulled a small table and a chair to the middle of the road and set up his sumptuous meal. Not long after, police noticed and approached him and asking him to move to the proper place to eat, instead, he asked if he could finish his meal on where he is.

Florida Man March 3- A Flying Alligator Came Out From the Car of Our Florida Woman

It was in the afternoon of March 3 in Loxahatchee, Florida when a live 3-foot alligator came out flying from a window of a black sedan car with a lady driver named Victoria James aged 54.

A complaint was filed by Floyd Perez a resident of Orange Blvd. He was standing on the side of the road with his wife and 2 daughters waiting for the light to cross the street when the black car pulled over in front of them and threw the reptile. They were shocked and his kids were screaming out of fear when they saw the animal in front of them, alive and moving.

When Victoria James was caught, not only she was charged of unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator and also drunk driving. In her statement, “I just want to get rid of him, he’s too big already” was her reason for throwing out the poor reptile.

Florida Man March 3 – Arrested For Throwing A Donut to A Child

A Sumter county man was arrested for being charged with child cruelty and after allegedly beating an 8-year-old boy.

Thomas McKinley,  52 years old told that he was just having an argument with the child’s mother and have no intention of hurting the kid.

The mother and son were outside a coffee shop when McKinley bumped into them and kept walking without apologizing and even made the boy cry when he dropped his donut.

Susana Gardner, the mother started yelling at McKinley when her son started crying because he was also hurt and dropped his food. McKinley stopped walking and yelled back to Gardner.

The two started arguing in the middle of the crowd and when Gardner was pointing out what he did to her son, McKinley picked up the donut and threw it to the boy. This is when the mother became furious and started hitting him. He didn’t fight back but was trying to defend himself from her and when he moved his hand, he almost slapped the son and made him cry even more.

County deputy was just around the block and responded quickly and arrested McKinley.


I think we can all agree that Florida Man will always one up you no matter how outrageous you think you’re doing or have done. There’s always someone in Florida doing something even crazier than the next. If you enjoyed this Florida Man entry, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love what he did on August 13 too.

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